Denzil Jacobs

Senior Occupational Therapist

Denzil Jacobs qualified as an Occupational Therapist at the University of Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa, in 2000. Throughout his studies his passion for paediatrics shone through, always attaining particularly  high grades in his Paediatric Blocks of study. His lecturers encouraged him on his graduation night to pursue working in paediatrics wherever he goes. His first employment was in an orphanage for children with severe malnutrition and developmental delays, along with other diagnoses of HIV/AIDS, blindness, deafness and muteness. Here is where Denzil believes he got firmly rooted in his passion for working with others, helping children. For Denzil, being part of a team helping, supporting and improving the quality of life for the children in the seemingly hopeless circumstances of this poverty-stricken orphanage, this was a lifechanging and guiding experience.

He has now over 20 years’ experience working in many different areas of paediatrics, adult services, acute hospital services, community rehabilitation services etc. He always kept in touch with paediatric services and especially the area of Autism/Down Syndrome and Dyspraxia, for 7 years doing part time or voluntary work with children and adults for Laois Down syndrome or Laois Offaly Family and Friends of Autism.  For the past 13 years he has dedicated himself full time to working in these areas that have become a true passion of his. Considered an expert in areas of OT intervention for Autism, Down syndrome and Dyspraxia, Denzil’s skills extend further than that. He has plenty of experience working with adult clients, and prides himself on his ability to get cooperation and active participation from all his clients and their families, as they engage in their therapeutic process. He also has vast experience in many other areas of Occupational therapy. 

Finally, Denzil is passionate about helping others and organises many charity events and extreme challenges, to which he fully dedicates himself and family to bring awareness of the cause and raise as much needed funds for the chosen cause.

My Purpose

To help others achieve their maximum quality of life by turning inabilities into abilities.



— Denzil Jacobs —


Giving our communities with intellectual difficulties access to credible therapeutic interventions. To be the one stop destination for children and adults living with complex special needs.

— Denzil Jacobs —


To be the service provider of choice for individuals with intellectual difficulties and ensure there is no waiting list.
Ensuring the area on inability receives the appropriate therapeutic intervention to cover all areas of life.

— Denzil Jacobs —

Qualifications & Services

  • Occupational therapy assessments and intervention (Bsc HONS Occ, Therapy) University Western Cape (U.W.C.)
  • Sensory Integration trained (S.I.T) Sensory Integration Network, Scotland course
  • Neurodevelopmental Techniques Trained (NDT) at AOTI
  • Applied behavioural Analysis (ABA), with Saplings Schools for Autism
  • Professional Crisis Management certified (PCM), with Saplings Schools for Autism annual recertification
  • Assistive Technology Assessor, Assessments and recommendation reports (ATA), Enable Ireland
  • Disability Housing Grants Assessments and Reports (DPHG’s), Disability needs
  • Postural Management and Seating, at JCM Seating UK and Disability Needs UK
  • Auditory Integration Practitioner (Berrard method), see international website
  • Is it Sensory? Is it Behaviour? Course with Sensory Integration Network UK
  • KT Therapist. Kinesiology Taping institute UK
  • Combination Sensory Integration and Neurodevelopmental Techniques! With Sensory Integration Network UK
  • Current diploma in Thai massage, Golden egg holistic therapy