Year: 2020


IS IT TRAUMA? OR IS IT SENSORY PROCESSING (SPD)? OR IS IT AUTISM (ASD)? WHAT IS IT? ALL I KNOW IS IT HURTS SO BAD!!! These were the profound questions Elaine (my wife) and I were faced with as new foster parents!These are the types of questions I have to carefully answer daily to parents […]

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Out Of Control: Out Of Sync

OUT OF CONTROL: OUT OF SYNC: TAKE CONTROL: BRING CHANGE What do you DO, when a child/adult enters your home, therapy room, convenient store, leisure centre etc. and they are totally out of control, and out of sync with the environment around them? They are those… ‘Head banging, ear covering, loud high pitch screaming, tearful, […]

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Occupatinal Therapy Ireland
My First Blog

Family centred Occupational Therapy for You!!!PERTURBED ABOUT EXCRUCIATING PROCESS TO ACCESS BEST SERVICES!!!I’m here to SERVE; GUIDE; PROTECT, SUPPORT, HELP, FEED, AND LEAD… LET’S TAKE CONTROL BACK PARENTS, TEACHERS, SPECIAL NEEDS ASSISTANTS AND ALL STAKEHOLDERS. 1. WHO AM I? Heartily welcome to you all, and thank you for joining us. I’m Denzil Jacobs a husband […]

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